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About Us

LuckySocialmedia The New Social

At LuckySocialmedia we aim to vanquish any hint of mediocrity within your existing branding and marketing. From unique solutions for branding and messaging delivered to the over stimulated consumer to eCommerce solutions that increase velocity of sales and virality to deliver new customers; LuckySocialmedia is your full service creative branding and marketing spirit animal. "Good enough" ...well... quite frankly isn't good enough. We bring your story to life.... we make heads turn and jaws drop... and we have a damn good time doing it.

...Here are just a few brands we've worked with. From Fortune 500's to the fledgling startup and everything in between. We're passionate about each and every campaign!

Branded Content

We concoct ridiculously entertaining, engaging and interesting content that tells your story... within a story ... sometimes within another story, Inception style. Sometimes not. By utilizing the various forms of media (video, images, written releases, music, and multimedia), we deliver your message and build your brand in a very carefully crafted manner through very specific channels. We're pretty strategic... we're not kidding... we're like chess playing computer crossed with Navy Seal strategic. You want more?

Social Marketting

From producing sponsored live Ustream interviews with celebrities and media folks while facilitating Q&A via Twitter hashtags... to building Facebook contests for mad, raving, psycho CrossFit Fans, yep! we do social. Social is about knowing which content to put in which channels, the when, how, why, and what. It's a science, ROI can be measured and it's the way we get the *right* people to listen and engage with your brand story. It's how you serve them your brand. When you order a pizza for delivery.... just think of the delivery boy as "social" and the pizza as content. You gotta deliver the good stuff, and you must be able to deliver it to the right door.

Content Marketing

From Our labs

Well-crafted campaigns provide a genuine access point to valuable niche audiences and, most importantly, create a link between your brand and the feelings the content created. Done well, the overall result is a life-long bond with your customer who feels empowered by your brand. So much so that many turn evangelical. Everybody likes a free evangelist, right? 'Cause when customers are selling your product / service for you.... trust us, you'll love it so much you'll take a vacation... and when you return, you're gonna be so happy, you might think that you don't need us anymore, until, wham, we drop another bomb of brilliance... Too good to be true? Try us...


Note: We're fanatical.... about eCommerce....we even use math. Crazy huh.

(Traffic x Conversion Rate) x AOV = Revenue

We focus on (4) key levers of eCommerce

  • 1. Traffic
  • 2. Conversion rate
  • 3. Average order value
  • 4. Turn or Sell-through

Where we crush it

  • + Improve cart conversion rate
  • + Remarketing abandoned carts
  • + Accelerating sell-through velocity
  • + Overstock SKUs
  • + Creating social buzz with revenue attribution


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Address and Phone

LuckySocialmedia HQ
5765 Bozeman Dr,
Plano, TX
(201) 253-9771